CavClear® Weep Vents

CavClear Weep Vents are available in a variety of colors to blend with mortar. They are installed in vertical joints (open-head weeps) of brick masonry units at 24″ (609.6 mm) spacing at the flashing level for moisture drainage and airflow. They prevent insects from entering and add visual continuity to open-joint weeps.

The unique notch feature of CavClear Weep Vents facilitates rapid drying. Open-head joint weeps increase ventilation over rope wicks. For better pressure equalization, install weep vents at both the top and bottom of the wall.

cavclear weep vent

Features and Benefits

  • Polymer Mesh – Provides greater ventilation and drainage than traditional rope wicks. Helps prevent weep hole blockage from insects and debris.
  • Variety of Colors – Provides finished appearance that can blend with mortar and brick colors.
  • Easy Installation – Install CavClear Weep Vents by sliding into head joints at 24″ spacing

Composition and Materials

CavClear Weep Vents are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and offer LEED points toward the recycled content credit.


CavClear Weep Vents are used in masonry construction in the vertical joints of the brick masonry units. When properly installed, they help provide moisture drainage and air flow while preventing most animals and insects from entering the building envelope.

CavClear Weep Vents are part of a complete line of masonry accessory products to help keep cavity air spaces open so the wall system performs as intended. Other CavClear cavity wall products include Masonry Mat, Stone Mat and Insulation System. Weep Vents perform best when used with either CavClear Insulation System or CavClear Masonry Mat to make the complete CavClear Full-Height Air Space Maintenance and Drainage System.


Place CavClear Weep Vents in head joints every 24″ at all flashing levels. Install with notched side down. Leave side of the masonry units forming vent space un-buttered and clear of mortar. Simply place vent material into the joint instead of mortar as the two masonry units forming weep vent are placed.

Storage and Handling

Store the boxed product in a clean, dry, sheltered area off of the ground until used.


CavClear Weep Vents are available in White, Harvest Gold, Manila, and Light Gray.

cavclear weep vents


Standard Dimension:
2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ x 3/8″ (63.5 x 88.9 x 9.53 mm)

Custom Dimensions:
Custom weep vents are available upon request. Call CavClear for prices and availability.



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