Safe, Non-Toxic, Easy to Install Insulation
Our objective was to create an environmentally friendly, affordable and safe alternative to traditional spray-in or fiberglass insulation. It must be easy to install and offer exceptional thermal properties.



An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Fiberglass and Spray-In Insulation

CavTherm is made of 100% recycled denim and can be used in interior and exterior walls, floors, and ceilings for thermal resistance, sound absorption and fire resistance. It has the same application uses as traditional insulation options, but without the skin and other respiratory problems commonly associated with other fiberglass and spray-in applications.

In addition, CavTherm has a Class A fire rating, exceptional sound absorption, and one of the highest R-values for stud wall cavity insulation on the market today.


A high-performance, eco-friendly insulation product – CavTherm™

Insulation, Sound Control and Fire Protection

CavTherm can be used in both internal and external walls for isolated temperature and sound control lending itself to a customized application approach depending on what parts of the structure may be more exposed to temperature variation. To maximize energy efficiency, each room can now have unique climate control. For ultimate insulation results and one of the highest performing, cost effective insulation and sound control solutions available today, combine CavTherm with CavQuiet for premium temperature, sound and odor protection.

It’s Just Better

There are no glass fibers or formaldehyde present with CavTherm, which means it’s extremely safe to handle. No gloves, mask or other protective gear are required for either install or removal. Did we mention CavTherm can also be reused? That’s not only a cost-effective benefit, but eco-friendly as well.

CavTherm is one of my favorite products. We’re producing garbage as a globe at record speeds … and we’ve created an innovative use for something we’re all guilty of throwing away – jeans. That’s significant.
Sarah Atkins, Founder and President - Archovations


CavTherm is the smart and environmentally responsible solution for any project where traditional insulation is contemplated.

Easy Installation

CavTherm is easy to install. It’s dust free and easy to cut with no protective gear required.


Glass fibers and formaldehyde are not present in CavTherm making it one of the safest insulations to handle and install.

Class A Fire Rating

CavTherm incorporates  an earth-friendly additive making it the obvious choice for those concerned about providing the safest construction materials possible.

Acoustic Value

CavTherm not only offers exceptional insulation properties, but this natural cotton solution provides superior acoustic protection … especially when used in combination with CavQuiet.

Exceptional Insulating Product

Not only does CavTherm offer one of the highest R-values available today, it exceeds traditional fiberglass and spray-in insulation in both its thermal and acoustic properties.


CavTherm is reusable which is not only friendly to the environment, but friendly to future construction budgets as well.