Sound, Odor, Moisture and Temperature Control
In multi-family and urban residential developments as well as in our schools, hospitals, and commercial spaces, the desire to control noise and odor is no longer just a nice option. It is an expectation given by those using and occupying structures in which we now all live and work. As we move forward into the Smart Building era, high performance building materials for sound, odor, moisture and temperature control will be a mandate.



Thermal Acoustic Membrane

CavQuiet is an all-in-one high performance membrane for sound, odor, moisture and temperature control.

Until now multiple products would need to be specified to satisfy the needs of today’s consumers in the areas of sound, odor and temperature control. CavQuiet minimizes sound intrusion through walls, floors, and ceilings. What makes CavQuiet unique from competitors is not only does it absorb sound, it also contains a vapor barrier along with a finished foil that reflects temperature.


Sound, odor, moisture and temperature control in one product – CavQuiet™

Sound, Odor, Moisture and Temperature Control

CavQuiet minimizes sound with one of the highest performing decibel ratings on the market. In addition the vapor barrier dramatically reduces odors that can pass through and between walls, floors and ceilings. For urban residential developments, this means you not only won’t hear your neighbors’ music, you won’t smell their taste in cuisine either. CavQuiet has gone a step further in adding a finished foil surface which reflects temperature aiding in overall climate control.

The Time Has Come

Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart Construction technology is here to stay. Archovations is now a part of that conversation with CavQuiet. Each room, office, any space can exist and function independently without intruding on the occupants in spaces above, below or adjacent to them.

With CavQuiet and CavTherm – as well as with the new products coming out under our CavClear line – we are now a key player in the Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Construction conversation.
John Hoggatt, Vice President - Archovations Inc.


It’s Archovations’ rigorous product development process along with an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing that brings you CavQuiet. 

New Build, Remodel and Restoration

CavQuiet makes sense for not only new commercial and residential developments, but for remodel and restoration applications. As our communities strive to improve existing structures to meet the demands of users, CavQuiet can be a part of improving the efficiency, long-term viability and performance of buildings built decades prior.

Easy Installation

CavQuiet is easy to install and can be used on its own or with other insulation products. For superior sound isolation, use CavQuiet in conjunction with CavTherm for the ultimate sound and thermal performance solution.

Smart Design and Smart Construction

Smart home, building and construction technology is here to stay. CavQuiet provides an eco-friendly performance solution to meet the demands of today’s developers and end-users.


CavQuiet will retain its acoustic properties for the life of a structure.

High Performance Decibel Rating

Sounds from outside individuals and the environment such as traffic, music, exhuberent voices are rendered virtually silent.

Fresh Air

CavQuiet will keep the air in your space your air … not the air of your neighbors.