The Development of Sustainable Moisture Management Strategies

Specifying and executing moisture management strategies are key components to the design and construction of commercial and residential buildings. Environmental stresses including temperature, humidity, wind, and precipitation impact the sustainability of construction as well as the health of occupants.




CavClear® products are engineered to maintain a completely clear space behind the exterior cladding, creating a continuos drainage path to manage water throughout the life of the building.

Inadequate movement isolation due to an obstructed air space can cause loads to be transferred from the structural wythe to the exterior wythe. This compromises the flexural strength of the veneer and the bond strength of the mortar, ultimately leading to premature deterioration of the wall system.


Install a CavClear® Product Full-Height

Masonry Wall Integrity

CavClear products are designed to ensure the quality of masonry walls by preventing excess mortar from obstructing the air space or making contact with the insulation or backup. Moisture migrates freely to unobstructed weeps. Mortar is prevented from creating solid barriers in the air space, resulting in proper movement isolation. Adjustable masonry ties are protected from mortar droppings, assuring independent movement and promoting long-term performance of the building system.

Complete Protection

CavClear products offer complete protection for all masonry drainage walls (brick, block and stone veneers) and all structural wall systems (concrete block, structural clay tile or brick, and steel or wood/stud sheathing systems). CavClear products allow air and water to flow, promoting reliable drainage and ventilation of the air space. Install CavClear continuously throughout the air space to ensure complete protection and performance of the weep system and air space.

Installation of the CavClear Insulation System is quick and simple. CavClear is truly a fail-safe method for keeping mortar out of the cavity.
Myron Williamson, Minnesota Brick & Tile
CavClear effectively prevents the bridging of masonry ties and assures proper weep function.
Cliff A. Olson, Clifford A. Olson & Associates
I believe that the use of CavClear will improve the overall quality of masonry cavity walls.
M. Kim London, Geotechnical Engineer


The difference is clear – CavClear® products offer the premier full-height solution to moisture management in the building envelope.

CavClear® Masonry Mat: A non-woven plastic mesh specifically designed for installation behind brick to maintain a clear air space for ventilation and drainage.

–  Provides for water and moisture management

–  Ensures a continuos drainage path

–  Ideal for increased cavity insulation thickness

CavClear® Insulation System: For use in insulated cavity walls, masonry mat is factory bonded to board insulation for highest quality assurance. roper drainage and adequate ventilation reduce cracking and promote durability.

–  All the benefits of masonry mat in one easy installation

–  Available in a variety of insulation types

CavClear® Rainscreen Mat: Engineered for use behind cedar and lap siding, manufactured stone, thin-set brick, and stucco to create a capillary break between the cladding and the backup for moisture management.

–  Drainage and ventilation in one product
–  High compressive strength

CavClear® Weep Vents: Non-woven mesh for installation in open head joints.

–  More ventilation than rope wicks
–  Prevents insect intrusion
–  Blends with mortar