Archovations’ mission is to be the industry leader throughout North America in the development and marketing of innovative and environmentally responsible products that respond to the needs of the construction industry – specifically architects, engineers, builders and masons.

Archovations’ original product line is CavClear®. Our Insulation System, Masonry and Stone Mats were invented and patented by an architect in response to concerns about the importance of maintaining a completely clear air space while working on masonry designs. Keeping excess mortar and other construction debris out of the drainage area need to be a priority at the job site. The inventor thought, “If there was just a fail-safe way for maintaining the air space, then not only would mortar waste and other debris be minimized, but the drainage wall would function properly and the masonry design would not suffer costly moisture problems.” Once the products were designed and patented, many additional benefits began to surface, and the CavClear product line was born.

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The Archovations team keeps abreast of new technologies insuring we continue to be the leader in the industry through the update and development of existing and new product lines. The result being new product offerings in our foundation line, CavClear, as well as innovative solutions for the entire building space with CavQuiet and CavTherm.


By consistently applying our resources, talents, integrity and professionalism in all of our relationships, we continually demonstrate high standards in terms of customer service and product quality.

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Promoting quality and long term performance in construction at a reasonable cost is paramount in order for our products to provide solutions to design and construction challenges.

Sarah Atkins – Founder and President

Sarah is president and founder of Archovations Inc. She has been the owner and an architectural sales representative since launching the company in 1995. She is responsible for all aspects of the business including training and overseeing the company’s architectural sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations and finance management. As a Certified Construction Document Technologist and a Certified Construction Product Representative through the Construction Specifications Institute, she regularly presents to candidates seeking these certifications. Sarah is actually not a rocket scientist, nor does she play one on T.V.

B.S. Mathematics, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Professional Certifications and Associations:
Certified Construction Document Technologist
Certified Construction Product Representative
Construction Specifications Institute
United States Green Building Council
Brick Industry Association
Mason Contractors Association of America, Past Sponsor

John Hoggatt – Vice President

John is vice president of Archovations Inc. Having joined the company in 2002, he is responsible for new product development, product testing, along with manufacturing and information technology. In addition he provides support in the areas of architectural sales, marketing, operations and finance.

B.S. Cartography, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Professional Associations:
Construction Specifications Institute
RCI, Incorporated
ASTM International
National Fire Protection Association


We’ve never been more excited about our existing and future product line.

We’ve taken the input we’ve received from architects, engineers, masons and dealers to develop new lines that we’ll be announcing in the coming months. It’s thanks to our loyal clients, and the new ones we meet every day, that our company remains excited about providing the very best products possible. – Sarah Atkins, Archovations Inc.